Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Cause of Mental Illness

My friend and I have a disagreement about the causes of such mental illnesses as anxiety, depression and bipolar. She says claims that no one should take an antidepressant but rather should get lost in some kind of creative process. It's really your soul longing to express its self. I on the other hand do beleive that some caues of depression and anxiety can be caused by not doing the work your soul was meant to do, but I also feel that it can be caused by a chemical imbalance. I don't think antidepressants are the answer, but excerise and proper nutrition to get you stable and then doing your soul's work. Helane, what are your thoughts?

Just as there are over 256 ways to wash dishes, no method being right or wrong, there is also more than one way to manage mental illness. As conditions and degrees in patients with mental illness vary drastically, what is to be considered proper care for one individual simply may not work with another.

With that said, it is my truest belief that medication for those in need is always proper when the recipient is in harmony with and willingly accepts that type of treatment. Those grappling with issues of Mental illness whose belief systems allow the use of pharmaceutical medication to be of assistance in managing the condition are helped by it. For many grappling with mental illness, thinking positive is next to impossible and asking someone in the throws of depression to exercise and eat right is not a realistic solution because the perception of the souls purpose is so badly distorted.

In many cases, social pressures and individual judgments prevent those in need of medical relief from accepting it. All chronic depressions become somewhat "Chemical". The emotions that feed depression will impact the brain's chemical balance. People who have bitterness, resentment, chronic low lying anger issues, are always more prone to depression, because those things can deplete Serotonin. This generally means that many people with depression will need medications for a time because prolonged depression impacts the chemicals in the brain.

I am not in favor of long term mind altering medication to dull the senses. I do, however, believe when someone feels relief from anguish and pain as a result of receiving endorphin boosts and they subsequently become productive and able to fulfill their life's work, medication is a good choice.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you believe that all matter is a creation of the Creator, then every subtance we know today originates from the Creator. Anti Depressants, like any other "drug", whether drugs are defined as natural, homeopathic or pharmaceutical, I believe, are put here for a purpose and who are we to judge that that purpose may not be to alleviate the sufferings of duality and the dark. For me, the "cause of mental illness" is only relevant to the extent that we understand the true origin that is within our capacity to change. Obviously we can change our thoughts and therefore the emotional and mental states that we experience, but not necessarily have the ability to change the pre-determined path we choose prior to reincarnating in this lifetime.

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