Sunday, April 30, 2006

What is the next big achievement/discovery in space?

It will be commonly known that three planets exist after Pluto in our galaxy. Chiron is directly after Pluto, and 2 others will be discovered before 2010. What they will be called is still to be decided.

Safe space travel outside the earth's atmosphere will also be possible for the general public who could afford to do so. Our next big achievement in space comes out of oue newest trend in using highly advanced robots to travel and document happenings within the galaxy. Many of these robots are placed on the moon to evaluate the environment and determine if lunar resources can support a sustained human presence. Within the next 12 years travel to the moon will be common event.

Saturday, April 29, 2006


Is the Earth and our Physical Reality Moving from a 3rd Dimensional to 5th Dimensional reality?

Is Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant in New York safe?

This energy center is currently under scrutiny. At this point, one of the power units is shut down (2 are still running). It is not an extreme envirmonmental hazzard or serious danger to the american public.

As we do address safety concerns about this power plant in question, public attention is drawn to the threat of an attack by Al Qaeda, whose mission would be fulfilled perfectly by using America's technology against itself. Let it be known, at this time a great deal of money and government support is spent keeping this area protected. Indian Point is defended by armed guards, detection equipment and other protection systems that exceed federal, state and local requirements.

Friday, April 28, 2006

More questions on the Da Vinci Code

Question: There are rumors that Dan Brown and family have plaigarized more than just "Holy Blood, Holy Grail." Has he copied work of other authors for this book? Any idea whose stuff?

Dan Brown did use concepts previously presented centuries ago as the basis for his best seller The DaVinci Code. I believe it's true, the ideas in the DaVinci Code were centuries old ( even before Holy Grail).
This law suit in England is significant because we are defining the terms of plagiarism more clearly. This is basically a decision whether or not consulting another work for ideas, even centuries old, can be defined as out and out plagiarism.
I personally am viewing Dan Brown to be innocent of plagiarism because he did not copy word for word any piece of anyone else’s work directly in his fictional novel. Moreover, the way he presented his material and the manner in which it was written was a process of divine inspiration. This novel was so well received by readers in many countries because it presented information that encouraged many to either question their current belief systems or solidify their faith.

Are we really alone in the universe?

Question: So I know that Hollywood has a field day with extraterrestrials - but are we really alone in the universe?
In our lifetime, will we know (with certainty) that there is life elsewhere?
And will we ever encounter other beings face to face?
Or... have we already?
I'd be interested in hearing anything you can tell me about these questions.

Answer: In a universe where billions upon billions of galaxies exist, I am extremely clear that we are not the only beings in this universe running on the creative life force or energy of God. Besides the fact that there is much in the spiritual realm, there is also life on other planets and in other galaxies. As we expand our consciousness and lift the veils of mystery, we are simultaneously manifesting the revelation of the presence of those forces from other galaxies, which were in fact,always in existence.

While extraterrestrial activity and related incidents do occur with regularity in this day and age, our government and world intelligence wishes for the general public to believe it is their imagination and superstition that causes the belief in UFOs or extraterrestrials.

By the year 2012, however, there will be no doubt about existence of extraterrestrial forces. Those who inhabit the earth at that time will most certainly know and accept that these forces have been working side by side with us throughout history to speed up the growth and consciousness of mankind.

As the extraterrestrial forces are presented in a manner which promotes peace, many of the great mysteries of the world will be revealed and prove that throughout the ages it was alien forces that assisted humans in some of their most magnificent undertakings. Under the guidance of visitors from the heavens, human civilization flourished -- as revolutionary advances in art, science and thought swept through the inhabited world. They helped us construct magnificent monuments and awesome, towering structures that stand to this day as testaments to their greatness

Gas & Pres. Bush

Question: I need to know if this whole "gas crisis" is a ploy by the Bush "administration" to bring up his popularity numbers or is it actual and justifiable? If so, how long will it last for and will prices ever come down to a reasonable amount b/c I can't afford to fill up my gas tank anymore. The only reason I ask is that, being somewhat of a conspiracy theorist, I see this Uncle Karl and Uncle Dick orchestrating this problem, that they in turn will benefit from by fixing it with the ulterior motive to be to bring their candidate's and party's favorability numbers back up.

Answer: The rise was largely attributed to a recent strengthening in the price of crude oil, which accounts for more than one-third of the cost of gasoline.
In response to your question, I must acknowledge that some people see a way to make big money and simply seize the opportunity. This is happening because within the structural heirarchy in political and various social systems, there are ways to use laws and policies for financial and adventageous purposes. While gas prices continue to rise in this current trend, we will see within the next 2 years changes in legal policy that will forbid this type of price gauging.

Mystery to Solve: 23 & 24 Chromosome Pairs

Our species has 23 chromosome pairs. Primates, from who we supposedly descended, have 24 pairs. I've heard all manner of reasons tossed out, but I'm still a little skeptical. The reason most commonly quoted is that chromosome #1 is extra-large due to its having become two genes 'fused.' I'm not sure such even occurs at all in living systems and certainly not in the amount of time delegated to our so-called evolutionary development. Obviously, there's a scientifically explainable reason, but I don't think I've seen it yet.
So, how come?

The basis of your conundrum stems from the assumption that we developed from primates and our ancestors are monkeys. As the DNA of monkeys and humans are compared, many scientists say that humans in their evolution fused two pairs of chromosomal to reduce the number (monkeys have have 48/ humans have 46) and there seems to be evidence for this in chromosome #2 (our chromosome looks longer and monkeys look shorter). They are very similar, but not identical. Some say the reason they are different is that mutations have occurred in the DNA of both organisms with the passing of time.
I tend to differ in my view. It was not evolution that made us different. We were always different, from the beginning of time as we know it. Despite the similarities, there are differences in the chromosomal banding patterns as well as the number of chromosomal. The similarities are due to a common designer rather than common ancestry.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Today's Thought: Like Attracts Like

Universal Law of Attraction
Each and every living being resonates at a specific vibrational rate which is clearly connected to their thoughts, beliefs and resulting experiences. That is the true explanation of why like attracts like. When you mix oil and water, you will find every molecule of oil rising to the top while every molecule of water sinking to the bottom. No matter how you shake them and mix them= they cannot combine. This is due to the density of these elements. Similarly, we are only drawn to those who match our vibration as we are unable to comfortably blend with those of a completely different essance. Those of like vibration are similar in density of thought.
The universal law of attraction is the most powerful law ruling the outcomes we experience. Simply stated as "that what is likened to itself is drawn", we draw to ourselves by a magnetic force of energy what ever we think or exude. For example, when we are lonely and think about the lack of love in our lives, we draw to ourselves more loneliness to a degree that is exactly proportional to the intensity of the original thought & feeling of loneliness itself. Furthermore, in thinking about being lonely, it is nearly impossible to embody the vision of unconditional love because negative thoughts only draw the like. The Beatles demonstrate the mastery of this concept in their album ABBEY ROAD as they share the message "And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make". This lyric describes the symmetrical nature in which the universal law of attraction helps us manifest our truest desires. We draw to ourselves what is exactly proportional to the intensity of the thought itself.

DaVinci Code Question & Answer

Question from Reader:
I am curious as to how much in the novel The Davinci Code is true. Is Mary M the true wife of Jesus? Did Davinci really intend it to be her in his "Last Supper"? Does the a blood line from Jesus Christ exist right now?

Helane's answer:
While The Davinci Code is a fictional novel, I am seeing that Mary M. was most certainly placed in DaVinci's Last supper painting as she was one of the closest in connection to Jesus. Mary is viewed to be a companion in some ways to Jesus, but I am not feeling that she was his "true wife". Jesus was truly of the highest and is our master teacher. As he lived by and taught the "Golden Rule", he raised the vibration of the masses that followed him. A most powerful psychic, shaman, empath, healer, he was the purest channel of God's will. During his time on earth in physical form, his deeds and actions should not be speculated by those today in order to judge the purity of his message.

Current Events Predictions 2006

Giant company in Michigan collapses.
There is a new protocol on how troops are called to the line of duty. There is disharmony as a result of this decision. Unrest gets much worse in the Middle East until 2008. My eye is brought to Syria. Different countries are fighting eachother. Borders of various countries in the Middle East are changing.
The polls will continue to go down
as people are more enraged by Bush's call for troops to continue to go to the Middle East. There is continuing evidence proving Saddam Hussein never had weapons of mass destruction. More people are questioning motives for Iraq war. I also see a bigger picture concerning Texas Oil. This is an end of an era where people have capitalized on oil. In the past, laws have been made to protect the big oil companies. New laws are set up to protect this injustice. Hybrid cars become wildly popular, so the price of oil does not go down, but people need less of it.
Hurricane Katrina: The mosquitoes in New Orleans and surrounding areas are an issue. As breeding season for mosquitoes come up, these mosquitoes are toxic and carry disease from the contamination.
PREDICTION 1/28/06: The American people are also paying closer attention to the number of US soldiers/military dead in Iraq. The death toll reaches over 4000 before Bush considers pulling our troops. Against the majority of public and world opinion, he continues to insist the war is just. Any comments about the Jack Ambramoff scandal? Jack Abramoff's incident and 2 additional revealed scandal's of the like will mark the end of lobbying as a practice that is considered legal & proper.

PREDICTION DATE (10/12). Starting February 06: There is a major crisis in the Presidency. This is a low point in the presidency for George Bush. News Article: Bush Approval at 39%May: Bush Apporval continues to go down
Everyone asks and I just do not see another big attack in the U.S now, maybe because it is too close to me personally. There is another thwarted attack in NY that makes news. Somehow, they keep thwarting the planned attacks.News Article: White House lists 10 foiled attacks
There are terrorist cells in a straight line across the country. I see the concentration of cells in New York, Ohio, Chicago, Denver and California. These are the big bases, totaling about 2500-3000 people across the country.Concentrated terror plots found in Paris, France Concentrated terror attacks. Tragedy narrowly averted.
News Article: France Terror Plot Probe
Scotland is also a target; unfortunately, tragedy is not averted here.I also see terror plots forming and perhaps happening in Australia and England.
Sudden increase in gas. A new established norm that does not go down.
What about Bird Flu? Everyone is asking. We have not mentioned it in the predictions, because we do not see it as the huge epidemic that is feared. I am having trouble seeing it because it will be contained, and we will not hear of it again by next year.

Starting February, one scandal after the next is exposed.

Connection after connection is lost making the president lose some of his power.New facts come out. People question Bush even more.Bush's approval rating remains at all-time low As new untruths from the White House are exposed, people see the way certain things were handled seem ridiculous.
People take the fall for Bush. Different people do take the fall in different ways, everything is changing

Laws will change regarding how officials are picked and placed in high positions of power.

Weather Predictions

Newest Prediction 2006/2007 Winter is the first big earthquake in California. North Marin county is effected.
PREDICTIONS made on 3/1/06 Greenland is completely changing, its melting. It is getting warmer. This is a trend adding more and more water to our ocean and lakes. This is tip of the Iceberg - this is one event out of many.
A very hot summer especially for Middle America and Northeast Coast - I see drought in these areas.
Very concerned about the Tidal Waves in Indonesia - Japan as well - but especially Indonesia.
Wet hurricane season for Florida - flooding. The Big hurricane does not hit Florida until the end of October. The summer looks good for South Florida, so people are surprised when things hit in late October. Last year was hurricanes of wind, this year it is of water.
Levees and New Orleans OK in regards to hurricanes - but toxic mosquitoes are a problem.

Predictions made on 9/23/05
Earthquakes: I see three big blotches of red that indicates heavy energy and large loss of life. I see these three spots in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. I believe there will be earthquakes or some major catastrophe in all three areas: huge changes in the earth's geological make up. The earth is shifting, literally. The axis is slightly shifting to the left. This is not significant enough for us to see; however, this alters many fault lines around the world. This is the beginning of physical upheaval. I predicted a volcano in Alaska, I can now see that two plates will be colliding due to this slight shift. Lava will come spewing out of the volcano as the plates collide, this will not be completely expected.
Tidal waves in Japan. One is absolutely devastating. There is one that is huge and causes major destruction. Many people come to Japan’s aid. Great show of humanitarian effort. This is the beginning of a series of tidal waves which will take place all over the world.
ALASKA VOLCANO: There will be a series of small and big blows. People are taken by surprise. They are talking about it, but don’t quite expect it so people don't evacuate. Devastating to the community.
Middle America suffers from many tornadoes - more than ever seen before.